Is anyone else struggling to add scouts to activities?

For some reason I haven’t been able to add scouts to activities for the past week or so. I had no problem earlier in the month. Is anyone else having this problem?

@KimberlyBracken - could you provide some detail on what you are doing and your steps ?

I am logged in as a committee member. I go to ‘activity logs’ and select ‘+ activity log’ and then ‘camping.’ At this point I see “* Sub-unit leaders (i.e. den leader, assistant scoutmaster assigned to a den/patrol) must be assigned to add activity logs to those in their assigned sub-unit.” underneath ‘add person.’ I don’t remember seeing this message in the past. If I click ‘add person’ the message ‘no data’ appears. This is despite the troop roster being visible under the roster tab.

It should be noted that I have been logging troop camping and service project activities for a while. I was given the permission to do so, despite being just a committee person. I am wondering if this is a Scoutbook issue or a rechartering issue.


A “generic” committee member registration/assigned position doesn’t grant access to the logs.

Depending on how you were “given permission” in the past, it could be different reasons for no longer having access. Did you have any functional roles assigned at my.scouting (not Scoutbook) like “Key 3 Delegate” or “Unit Advancement Chair”? Those would have granted you access, and (at least used to) expire when a unit’s charter was renewed (to force reassignment of those functional roles).

Scoutbook Unit Admins also have access to edit and approve logs. I don’t recall if those roles are terminated on recharter or not anymore.

In addition, those editing the logs (I believe) have to be connected to all of the scouts in order to edit the overall logs. Unit Key 3, Key 3 Delegates, UAC, and Scoutbook Unit Admins all have automatic connections to every scout in the unit (at least they’re supposed to). Everyone else requires manual intervention to effect a connection to the scouts.

I suggest checking your functional roles at my.scouting and your assigned roles in Scoutbook to see if you have one of the roles that permits access to the logs. If not, it was likely recharter that “terminated” the access, and one of your Unit Key 3 will need to reassign the functional role at my.scouting or a Key 3/Delegate/Unit Admin will need to assign the relevant admin role in Scoutbook.

Yes! I have a similar problem.

Yes, same problem here. I always enter the activities for several units. Suddenly I cannot enter attendees, I can add the activity just not the scouts. Our scoutmaster does not normally add these as I have been doing it. I am committee chair for a pack and still maintain full control.

Really just want to know what “assigned to add activity logs to those in their assigned sub-unit” means. What position and where(scoutbook or do I need to added to continue to keep up the scouts activity logs. Do I need to be assigned to each patrol or is there a whole unit position?

@AmandaVenable, there’s some information here on who is supposed to have access to add to the activity logs and who is supposed to have access to approve activity logs (partially overlapping sets).

Have you already looked at that and are looking for clarification of something there?

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