BUG - BSA History report is incorrect

I just ran a BSA History report for one of our Eagle Scouts who aged out. His Parent asked me to run it. On the report, it shows him as having earned 2 eagle palms, listing the 5 badges for each. But he only earned 30 total badges, which is only 9 more than Eagle so he should only get 1 Eagle palm. When I looked up at the Eagle Rank section I noticed it only has 20 badges completed, instead of 21. I believe the issue is the new Cit in Society MB. This scout was done before that was required but the report is counting it towards the 21 total.

Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

number is 128329501…

Yeah the report is not looking at Eagle Version at all - no palms were awarded to this scout at all FYI @PatrickDoyle_Jr - this has been reported

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