BUG: Cannot add leaders to patrol events

Our troop does not assign specific leaders to patrols. I’m unable to add leaders to a patrol event. Adult leaders should appear on invites for the troop and all patrols.

The easiest way to surmount this issue is to assign adults to the patrols, either specific leaders to specific patrols, or all adult leaders to all patrols. This arises because of the BSA’s new requirement that at least two adults be invited to all events

Respectfully, I do software development professionally. When my users have to adjust their processes to fit my system, that’s a bug with a workaround. I’d like to see someone from the SB team acknowledge this issue and Charley’s suggestion as such.

Charley is right. The 2 deep leadership national instituted is causing this.

Yes, and any registered leader can be used to fulfill the YP requirement. To implement the workaround as Charley suggests, we would need to assign every registered leader of the troop - including committee and scouter reservists - to every patrol. I’d like to understand what value that adds.

@JohnLeed_III Two comments. First, while what Charley recommended is a work around because BSA Legal didn’t necessarily communicate with BSA IT. That happens, and working in software development, you should be quite familiar with fielding unexpected requirements from unanticipated sources.

Second, don’t forget that the way your Troop operates isn’t the only way a troop can operate. You’re visualizing Charley’s work around as a major stumbling block, which it may be for your unit, but for others it won’t be – units may not use the patrol calendars, or may not have so many leaders that this is inconvenient, or may feel that a one-time action, even if it takes an hour to do, isn’t that big a deal to get things to work OK until the Legal and IT guys work out the new requirements. YMMV.

I was going to add that a friend on mine is in a troop of 150 scouts and they assign two ASM’s to each patrol for management of the herd. The LDS units also made that a practice as well.

You should be able to invite 2 parents to the event to fulfill the 2 adults invited to an event requirement. This requirement came about because parents are now able to opt-out of receiving e-mail. By requiring 2 adults who have not opted out be invited to every event, you ensure there are at least 2 adults on every reminder notice sent by Scoutbook.

I tried adding two leaders to the patrol, without success. I also now realize that I can’t invite the SPL / ASPL or any other troop position either.

My honest feedback - the patrol calendar isn’t useful with these limitations. It would be useful if I could invite anyone from the troop - like a troop event - but the invitees be set to members of the patrol by default.

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