New Events - "please invite two leaders"

I’ve seen other threads discussing the “please invite 2 leaders” issue with Scoutbook events. (I can’t save events unless there are two leaders invited.) I’ve seen the workarounds, but in a previous thread, it was announced a fix was being developed. (New Event requiring at least two active leaders - #13 by JasonSchlager)

Does anyone have an idea of when the fix will be rolled out?


You must invite 2 adults to all events. They can be leaders or parents. There are no plans to change this as Scoutbook needs to ensure at least 2 adults are copied on all reminders. Requiring 2 adults who have not opted out of e-mail is the way the BSA chose to prevent one-on-one communications between adults and Scouts.

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yeah just list parents (lol even though they are getting the emails from most of their scouts accounts since they are connected to them)

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I know this isn’t exactly the spot to vent about this (nor can the SUAC do anything about it), but I really wish the BSA would revisit the idea of opting out of email for adults. Adding this option seems to be causing a ton of extra issues as an unintended consequence…

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We hear your frustration. Unfortunately, I don’t see the BSA backing down on that.

Ed, the problem I’m having is that I am inviting adults - I’m inviting parents in their own role. But Scoutbook isn’t letting me send the invitation without another leader. So I’ve done the workaround, but wish I didn’t have to.


Thank you. That was supposed to have been changed. I’ll check with the developers.


I have tested creating events with Scouts and 2 non-leader parents on both a troop and pack. In both cases, the event was created.

Do the parents you are inviting have e-mail addresses listed in Scoutbook?

The parents do have e-mail addresses in Scoutbook, and for what it’s worth, I’d never encountered this problem before Tuesday.

I tried several different combinations of things, but the event simply wouldn’t save until I made another den leader my assistant den leader. I might remove that designation and try again just to see what happened.

Can you try something out? From your den page, click send message. Are all of the parents from your den pre-selected?

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