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BUG: event not created after "Invite at least two leaders" error

When attempting to create a new calendar event in Scoutbook, If there are no adults listed as Invitees, I receive an error message saying: Invitees: Please invite at least two active leaders.

  1. Is this a new requirement? I don’t recall having to do this in the past. Although I can see why it might have been implemented, it seems unnecessary. And it clutters up the RSVP list… if I just need to know what scouts are attending, I don’t need adults listed as well. And for Cub Scouts, when a boy is included on the Invite list, his parent(s) also get the invite/message.

  2. Event is not created after adding adults After dismissing the error message, and then editing the Invitee list to include adults. I am then able to Save the event - however, the event doesn’t actually get created / never appears on my calendar.

I’m on a Mac, using Google Chrome, with the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook installed.

Note, I don’t typically add ‘leaders’ to my invite list, because all of our leaders are parents - so I just add all the parents.

Not a bug. There has to be 2 leaders. Ypt. Bsa built this in

Parents or leaders can be invited to the event in order to fulfill the 2 adult requirement.

@DonovanMcNeil and @edavignon . Doesn’t seem like you read my full message…
Even after adding adults, it doesn’t create the event… that’s the bug.

Worked fine foe me before. Cannot test now will look at it later

Have the adults you are adding opted out of e-mail? You can find out by going to Messages and trying to send a message to the unit. Any opted out will say so.

@edavignon - After seeing the error, I’m adding ALL my parents, including myself. I have no idea if any have opted out, but I’m certain most have not.
If I add the adults when initially creating the event, there is no issue… so I’m confident this is a new bug introduced by the new “must have 2 leaders” logic.

OK a have reproduced this bug and will enter a ticket for it

@DonovanMcNeil Excellent, thank you for the quick response. Let me know if there’s anything more you need from me to assist.

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