Blue card report issue

On the blue card report on of the scoutmaster signature lines is not being completed like it should. When i run the report only 1 of the 2 spots were the scoutmaster would normaly sing is not getting filled out at all. Can this issue get fixed as soon as possable.

You have to do the initial signature on the merit badge it self for the sig to appear

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 12.48.50 PM

I alredy had that done but on the report itself when i view it one of the scoutmaster signature lines is missing the signature. I believe there is something that needs to be fixed. Not to sure if it is just for specific merit badges that the system is doing this.

which section is missing it can you give a screenshot?

are you printing to plain paper or form?

It would be the part for applicants record for the side that has both the scoutmaster and the MB councilor signature on it.

well I just did 50 and all are fine - maybe a screenshare to see?

Also for the scouts infromation on the part for Application for Merit badge the city field is not being filled in as well. I did check the scouts file and they do have a city recorded on there file.
Can this also get corected as well.

This signature is associated with the Leader Approval signature and date for the overall MB. Has that been marked approved? This is all showing up fine for me, too.

ETA: Based on your screenshot, it looks like this is the issue:

erased for privacy of Scout

It shows as aproved on my end however this could be a isolated issue.

Well i did look and both scoutmaster and councilor aporved it. So i am not sure why the report is not filled in like it should be.

like I said - a quick screenshare can probably clear it up fast

As you can see on the last record is shows both councilor and scoutmaster aproved it

E Science is NOT approved - it is just completed and MBC Approved. A Unit leader still has to approve it

Do you mean making it as recorded?

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 3.47.46 PM

I mean making it Approved

Ok, so once i do that it will fix that signature line

How about the issue with the missing city on the other side of the card where the scouts adress is located