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With the removal of training sync in Scoutbook I have serious issues with how to identify trained leaders and what classes that need to be taken by leaders. First, only key 3 can view the training for the group. This should be able to be delegated to a training manager. Without this functionality more is being put on the key 3 to figure out. Second, I have 2 leaders where one is listed as training and the other is not and both have the same mandatory classes listed Y01 and SCO800. both have y01 complete and not sco800. I have looked up sco800 and it is hazardous weather ( which I dont think is required for cub leaders as is). Then when I look under the online training both have a list shown as not completed. So it does not appear that required trainings are appearing correctly. 3rd, When reviewing online trainings that need to be completed I searched for the Class name. The class was not found. ex SCO450. So the report does not make any sense. 4th, I have no method to assign trainings to members of the group so when they login to their training it shows as required training. Without that functionality I cannot tell anyone how to find trainings online they need to take. When I tried the leader only add all training and did them. which is great but not everyone is interested in completing 40 or 50 trainings. Any help when this could be fixed?

Robert - it can be delegated to a Training Chair with Organization Security Manager in MYST
SC0-800 is now required - yes - 20 minutes no big deal

The rest you have to send issue in to member care -

A Key 3 can log in to, click on Menu in the upper left corner then select the unit and Organization Security Manager and designate a Unit Training Chair or up to 3 Key 3 Delegates. Both will have access to the training reports under Training Manager.

Key 3 Delegates can do the same things in as Key 3 so the unit needs to be careful who has this capability. Both Key 3 Delegates and Unit Training Chairs need to be designated annually.

Effective April 10, 2018, Hazardous Weather (SCO_800) became a position trained requirement for new direct contact leaders . For a pack, direct contact leaders would include:

  • Cubmasters
  • Assistant Cubmasters
  • Den Leaders
  • Assistant Den Leaders
  • Webelos Den Leaders
  • Assistant Webelos Den Leaders

For more information, please see:

Hazardous Weather FAQ’s (April 10, 2018)

And only positions held on April 10, 2018 were grandfathered to not need Hazardous Weather training. For example, if an individual was Den Leader on April 10, 2018 but later registered as a Cubmaster, Hazardous Weather Training becomes required.

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Here are a couple ways to use the Training Manager at to identify trained leaders and the classes they need to take in order to be considered “trained”:

  1. Click on the Trained Leaders Report. You can sort and filter in a few different ways, and you can export the file in csv format. You can also click on the red part in the pie chart to just get info. on the leaders who are not trained.


  1. Click on Search Training (looks like a magnifying glass icon), the select the names of any leaders who do not have the “Trained” symbol (you can also just select all by clicking on the green checkmark). Then click on Print Member Training Report (looks like a document icon). You will get an overview on page 1, and details (Training Incomplete / Training Complete) on the following pages.

Robert- the training report in scoutbook while nice in its own way was just a flat file representative of training codes at that time. It was not dynamically linked to the live database at and would have to be manually linked as codes changed. If as stated by others you or someone else is designated training chair then said person could pull the report. Likewise a leader upon login could go to the dashboard at and click on the required training and find out what is needed to satisfy the trained in position items are.

This was helpful Thank you. I have been a Cubmaster for 7 years, have extensive use in tracking scouts in spreadsheets and scoutbook since its inception. I have never found tools on my.scouting to be helpful or intuitive. I had no idea what the operations security tab was for nor has anyone I know of ever figured it out.

The search training is also what I was looking for. Why is that hidden away in some PDF that you have to download. That makes no sense. all of that should be what is in the training report. Thank you for the steps. That allows me to identify the classes I need to ask my leaders to take to be consider trained.

You can just click on the red part in the pie chart. That will give you a list of the leaders who are not trained, and the course codes that they need. It doesn’t list the course names, though.

So are training records gone forever from ScoutBook? Up until recently ScoutBook had messages stating that the sync was temporarily broken, but never did state that training records were to be discontinued in ScoutBook. It would be a big step backwards if this were the case.

Here was the notice:

I do not understand how it is a big step backwards?

Scoutbook had developed into a “one stop shopping” location for adult training records. It has a simple interface that appeared to keep training records up to date and provided transparency . Having people use more websites than is necessary is always a step backwards in my book.


I would say it backwards as My.Scouting only generates a training report that is a flat field pdf versus a dynamically updating html web page that was ScoutBook training page that listed the current status of all leaders. A “live” updated web page will always be more useful than a flat field pdf if the current era of “big data” and analytics that many are becoming accustomed to.


Zachary - the training report in scoutbook was not exactly “dynamic” but user initiated update. It was built on a flat file containing training codes, which had to be manually updated on the backend. I will add that Council and District accesses the training report in my.scouting rather than scoutbook since that is the official record. From my reading, scoutbook will continue to show YPT and Position Trained but not expand the individual modules which compose said training.

Thank you for that info. This forum is very helpful. For some reason, however, my own position training that I’ve completed over the last month is not syncing with Scoutbook, even though I have initiated a ScoutNET Sync several times.

Correct, I understood that My.Scouting is the “official” record and it was pulled into ScoutBook, however, my point was the presentation was/is better in ScoutBook than a flat field pdf that has to be “generated”. A html scorecard/dashboard showing the status of each adult is better than having to click “generate” and wait for a report. Analytics and data such as this is better in a html format, then generating a pdf (from my experience in other organizations that have to track similar information).

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What Scoutbook did (and still does) was not a true training sync – it was a one way import from the legacy Training Validation tool at It took a lot of time and resources to update the training tables and codes every time there were changes. The training codes have not been updated in Scoutbook to reflect the current training requirements in order to be considered position “trained”. is the place for official training now. In order to see your trained status, log in at, then:

  1. Click on the Menu button in the upper left.
  2. Click on My Dashboard.
  3. Click on the Requirements tab.

You will see all of your registered positions listed there. If you have completed the required position-specific courses to take to be considered trained in your position, then you will see a “Trained” patch.

The pdf is only one option. If you use the Training Manager at, then you will see a Trained Leaders pie chart. The green part of the pie chart represents your trained leaders. The red part represents the leaders who still need to complete some training in order to be considered position trained. You can click on the red part of the pie chart, and you will get a report that lists the names of the leaders who are not trained and the course numbers that they still need.

Alternatively, you can click on the Search Training button, and you will see all of the adult names listed. Trained adults have a “Trained” patch listed next to their name. If you want more information, you can click on the “Print Member Training Report” icon.