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When will scout book be updated to match the training requirements in My.Scouting.Org. According to scoutbook we basically have no one trained and looks poorly to our families. I noticed the courses listed in Oracle Learn are not the same requirements that are syncing up in scout book.

From the March 2019 Scoutbook Blog – Training course completed information

Scoutbook is not the training tracker for the BSA any longer (and will not be updated). Please refer to for official training tracking. Scoutbook will soon remove all but YPT and Position Trained from Scoutbook and replace with links to training center and reports. There are multiple advantages to this change to one source of training information. Among these are having Training reports for all your positions, council, district and unit; having Training reports for your units; receiving Training reports that roll up; and Training reports for the different units that you manage.

There are multiple disadvantages as well: the my.scouting UI is terrible, access will now be restricted to the key 3, we will lose access to parent training, and we will lose access to MB counselor training.

We have been told by the BSA that when Scoutbook points to the training reports in, anyone who currently has access to the Scoutbook Training Reports will have access to the training reports. They will not be limited to Key 3.

If it is not the source of training, can this be removed from scoutbook, so it does not look like we are failing to our parents?

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For those who are trained, there exists a work around for Scoutbook. In Scoutbook, manually add the in-person training to the person who took training that is not syncing. Add a note to explain what and why you did.

The JTE Score and Leader Training Percentage was removed from Pack / Troop / Crew / Ship unit pages earlier today.

Ha! It must have happened just after i posted. I did look and they are gone. Thank you for the follow up.

Training syncing to Scoutbook was a great feature since we could hit a button to update expired YPT for parents instead of looking up individually on my.scouting. Having one place to go helped with adoption of using Scoutbook. I see the Legacy Training Validation in my.scouting. How do we get the other reports? As the training coordinator, do I need special permissions on my.scouting? It was easy to do in Scoutbook.

A Key 3 member (Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor/Skipper, Committee Chair, or Charter Org Rep) can go into Organization Security Manager in and designate a Unit Training Chair. That person would then have access to the training reports in

So, is there no way to get a full/accurate report of all registered scouters for our unit besides looking them up individually in the training validation tool in my.scouting?

Certain leaders in the unit (Key 3, Key 3 Delegates, and the Unit Training Chair) have access to the Training Manager at

There are a few different ways to use the Training Manager, depending on how you want the information:

  1. One way is to click on the red part in the pie chart. This will give you information on leaders who are not “trained” for their registered position. The output is a type of spreadsheet with filters.

  2. Another way is to click on the “Trained Leaders Report” icon (the icon looks like a document). The output is a type of spreadsheet with filters.

  3. Another way is to click on the “Search Training” icon (looks like a magnifying glass). select the name(s) or select all (using the green checkmark), then click on “Print Member Training Report” (icon looks like a document). The output is in pdf format. The pdf can be searched (by course name, etc.).