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Hi, I am having a hard time removing connections for Scouts leaving our unit. I am the former Cubmaster, current Committee Member, and listed as a Pack Admin. Am I able to bulk remove connections on Scouts that are leaving Scouting (not transferring to another unit)? Am I able to remove their connections to other Pack Admins? Isn’t the goal to only leave the connection to the parent? Thanks

You are not able to remove the connections to other pack admins.

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Once the scout’s membership in the pack is ended, can’t an admin remove the connections for the other admins, then remove his or her own? That requires tracking the scout down via My Dashboard → My Connections → Scout’s Name, but I know it worked not too long ago. I just don’t have a scout who’s leaving to test it on right now.

ETA: I recognize that’s not bulk removal, but it would (eventually) achieve the goal of reinvigorated all extraneous connections, if it still works.

This is slow, but here’s what I’ve found works.

  1. Open the Pack Roster and select the Connections Manager
  2. Click on the individual Scout across the top of the page and leave ALL connection options unchecked. This will remove all connections from everyone except admins and parents
  3. Navigate to the Scouts record
  4. Open the scouts connections page
  5. Click on the other leader you want to remove that has a connection to that scout
  6. At the very bottom of that leaders connection page is a “Delete Connection” button. This will remove the other admin leader from the scouts connections
  7. Repeat steps 4 thru 6 for other leaders - DO NOT REMOVE YOUR OWN AT THIS TIME
  8. Open that Scouts Membership page and end all of their memberships to the unit
  9. Open your OWN Connections from your My Account page
  10. Find the scout and then remove your connection to them

I’m guessing it’s this way so a person can’t accidentally remove all connections in bulk, but it gets it done.

Thank you! David, this used to be my process last year. This year I am unable to remove any adults’ connection that are Pack Admin’s. That “delete connections” button is no available on the leaders connection page on any Scout’s connection page aside from my son’s.
I’m not sure if there is a glitch, something has changed, or it is because I was a key3 last year, but not this year (I am listed as a Pack Admin).

That changed when we started allowing dual memberships. To prevent admins from deleting connections to the other units’ leaders, we had to restrict it a little.

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I am a key 3 still, so that could be why I still have that ability.

I am not sure if this is helpful but once his membership in your unit expires (usually when you recharter without that leaving scout on the recharter package), that scout should disappear from your unit roster and I think connections to the unit are detached as well.

Thank you! That makes sense.

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