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Connections Manager - can't edit

I am a Pack Admin in Scoutbook and would like to make some edits in the Connections Manager. As I recall prior to 12/31/18, there were edit buttons of some sort on the Connections Manager page, but I no longer see them. I’ve tried using both Chrome and Edge in case it was a browswer issue, but I have the same result in both. I’ve spot checked about a half dozen scouts and its the same issue every time.

All you have to do is click the box / intersection that you want to edit and a popup will appear

Okay, on some of my scouts that works fairly well. I have 3 AOL scouts who crossed over who I’m trying to remove all connections from, but out of the 8 connections, I only get that pop-up to occur for the connection with their den leader. And even then, when I clear all of the connections, it doesn’t save?

I was able to get modify connections on other scouts, just not the 3 who we ultimately want to remove.

It is best practice to remove all connections except the parent before ending their membership, right?

Current Admin connections are designed so that they cannot be removed, so a Den Admin connection would need to be removed after moving the Cub Scout out of the den / pack.

Double-check the Scout’s Membership page and make sure that the Scout only has a current membership with a troop – not a den or pack.

What are supposed to do if they’ve left the pack, but not yet joined a troop? We’d like to have them removed from our roster. Or, the troop they joined hasn’t added them to their roster yet?

Some packs put them into a separate den just for inactive Scouts. This would allow you to disconnect them from their Den Leaders / Den Admins, but the Pack Admins would still be connected. They could stay there until dropped at recharter time or transferred to the troop.

Others go to the Scout’s Membership page, click on the current membership, and add a date ended.

What are the consequences to just ending their membership? I would think all packs would want them removed so when they send global messages to the pack, they don’t keep emailing families who aren’t part of the pack any more.

If a scout is not approved for the unit, i.e., no green shield, they and their parents do not show up on the email list, nor on the invitee list to add to a NEW event. They might still be an invitee to a previously created event.

To unapprove a scout, open their current membership, remove the check mark, and save. To add approval, add the check mark and save.

The only consequence of ending their membership is that they might come back. In the case of a 5th grader at this point in the year, you’d be pretty safe.

When in the process of ending memberships, does this automatically “uncheck” the green shield? I noted that once I put an end date to a membership, that field is no longer available to me. Is there any unwanted consequence to not unchecking that box first before ending a leader’s position with the unit?

Yes, the green shield will be removed.

I appreciate everyone’s response, even as this went down a rabbit hole. This topic can be closed out.