Bulk rank advance cub scouts?

How do you advance all the scouts in a den to the next rank in bulk? I’m only seeing this for adventures.

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@RichardFriesner - do you mean moving say lion to tiger den tiger to wolf etc ?

Nope. I’m trying to give all in a den the rank award prior to moving them to the next level.

@RichardFriesner - so if I get this right you want to say award the scouts in the tiger den the Tiger rank before moving them to the wolf den ? Is that correct.

@Stephen_Hornak correct! but I want to do it in bulk, not one at a time.

@RichardFriesner - at this time quick entry is only for adventures that I can see. I end up opening tabs for each scout to update then that way.

@Stephen_Hornak thanks. at least the pack only has 35 scouts, but if we had 100 (which I hope we will soon!) that would be a lot of work.


@RichardFriesner - understood… did they all earn the rank ? What usually happens is that if all requirements are done the rank will end up showing as completed and you can approve it from there.


In the new CS program, the only rank requirements are to complete adventures so there is no need for rank bulk entry. Once the required number of adventures are complete, the rank will automatically be completed.


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