Bulk completed entry per den

In the old scoutbook, we can open up a whole den and mark the advancements completed for several kids in one den at one time. With the new system, it doesn’t let you do this and you have to open each kid and enter in the advancement one at a time. It’s not just me in our pack having this issue. our cub master, assistant cubmaster, and treasurer are having this issue too.


It is there.

On the roster page, select Unit Quick Entry. Select the adventure and version. Click Apply then select the Scouts and completed requirements.

@FionaBartels - here is where that is located

While the ability to quick entry is there, it’s a hot mess.

I’m an advancement chair/pack admin and den leader but currently I can only select my den for quick entry but enter anyone individually.

Also the list will show the a rank/adventure hasn’t been started while also showing it has been started (label vs pop out).

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I have done a bulk entry using what @EdDavignon explained (prior to coming to this forum), but I can’t see any advancement for any of those scouts in my Dashboard. I’m a Tiger Den leader, and if you use your Dashboard, it only has the 2022 version for advancement. Some of my den still needs to complete a portion of an elective, but if I try to figure out who needs to do what via Scoutbook, as @TravisStephens said, “it’s a hot mess.” I’m not clear on why the 2024 version is not loaded into the traditional scoutbook landing pages yet. Can anyone from @BSAAdministrator explain what is going on and when to expect the 2024 version across all platforms associated with Scoutbook? That would be fantastic! If you need screenshots of what I’m seeing, I’m more than happy to work with you.


The BSA made the decision NOT to support spend $ to support the 2024 Cub Scout program in legacy Scoutbook since legacy Scoutbook will be replaced by Scoutbook Plus. Cub Scout advancement was the first advancement piece to move to Scoutbook Plus.

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I have been trying to advance dens to the next rank via legacy scutbook and it keeps taking me to scoutbook plus reports. Is there something im missing? The only “how to” videos i can find seem to reference the legacy scoutbook way. Thanks in advance

@RobertMcDermott1 easiest to click Den (in Red) - that organizes Den
Then Each den will have an Edit in Blue
You can advance there - easiest to go oldest to youngest - so in most Packs you do not have 2 Bear dens as an example

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 4.41.22 PM
Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 4.41.30 PM

Are there issues with trying to do this in Google Chrome? As im not finding the red display banner.

are you going to advancements.scouting.org

@RobertMcDermott1 - are you on mobile device?

Yes sir. Here is a screenshot. I should also add im trying to do this via my phone(android)

yeah I believe that is a known issue - try a computer

Roger that. Thank you.

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