Transfer Scout Unable to Enter Current Rank Advancements

We recently received a few transfer scouts. The first three that transferred, I assigned to dens and then realized that there was no location to enter current Rank Advancements (Tiger had earned his Lion Rank with previous Pack and is currently in a Tiger Den in our Pack but there is no place to enter Tiger Advancement). I realized that the previous Pack probably hadn’t advanced their dens in Scoutbook before the transfer, so I created dens for the scouts, advanced the dens, reassigned scouts to correct current den, and viola, I could enter their current rank advancements. The latest transfer we received had the same issue - he earned his Bear rank with previous Pack and Webelo does not show up in Scoutbook to enter his current advancement - however my “hack” to advance him doesn’t work with this one. Suggestions on why this is or how to fix it? Scoutbook shows he earned his Bear Rank, I am able to put him in our Webelo Den in Scoutbook, however there is no place to enter his Webelo Advancement.

The real issue is likely that their membership in their previous pack wasn’t ended, and that membership is at a different den level than they are in your pack.

The reason for the change of behavior is that there was a previous bug that erroneously ended memberships in other units when dens were advanced. That worked for you, but it is a bug because there are legitimate cases where scouts are registered in two packs.

How do I correct this? Can I end their membership in their previous Pack or is that something they need to do? When I am in this scout’s Scoutbook profile it does show our current pack number and his previous pack number at the top - I can toggle between the two. The other transfers now only show our current pack number. Thank you!

@PamelaNelson1 If you can get a Pack Admin from the other pack to end the Scout’s Membership with them, that might be better. If that doesn’t work out, you can end it.

Ok, thank you. I see the place to end it under the Scout’s Membership. I will reach out to his previous Pack, but if not, I will do it now that I know it won’t mess anything up with his current membership in our Pack. Thank you so much for your help. This forum is amazing!


Can you post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (MID) so we can see if he was actually transferred in Akela in which case there may be a bug in the sync process or multipled in which case the registrar needs to end his membership in the old pack?

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His new BSA ID is 140538376

His previous BSA ID is 14633535


I closed his old bear membership. Things should work better for you now.

I do recommend going his connection page and clicking Clean Old Connections. This will remove any remaining connections to the old pack.

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Will do! I’ll do that for all my new transfers. Thank you so much for your help. The whole forum team is amazing and so helpful! You are appreciated very much!

you can clean old connections from unit roster for all in one button push

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