"Planned Advancement" is too difficult to be useful

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Does anyone actually use this feature? Every time I try to add a planned advancement, I have to deselect every single advancement for that rank except the one(s) I want to use. This is unworkable. Am I doing something wrong here?

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I gave up on it pretty quickly.

How do I access the Planned Advanced feature?

@AdrianWright - that is accessed via the calendar add event. It was added as a planning aid and that is it. It does not link to advancement nor anything else.


We don’t use it extensively, but I try to use it to note requirements likely to be covered at campouts or day-trips. If a Scout goes in to look through their advancement, any upcoming events tagged with that planned advancement requirement will be listed alongside that requirement.

Our weekly meeting plans are too fluid to try and do this, but it could be done.

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And are you running into the same issues I am?

Yes, you have to pick the rank, badge, or award first and then go back and winnow it down. This could definitely use improvement.

If the developers read these forums, I’d suggest gaining more room in the existing popup window by automatically limiting choices to the type of unit the calendar item is made for (a Troop/Crew event won’t be working on Cub advancement). That might make enough space on the screen for the requirements to be listed for selection.

@JGalle - that was added some 8 years ago by the original owner/developer of scoutbook and has not really been touched since then. It is honestly not touched by any of our leaders.


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