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Hiking rank advancement and calendar

Ok so this is a very specific question. We are already using the calendar in scoutbook to track attendance at meetings and other events. We’re also tracking our rank advancement in scoutbook. Well, we’re using this time at home to catch up on tracking the individual requirements, not just the completed ranks. So, I’m trying to create a calendar event for the 5 mile hike using a compass (2nd class req.3b) We actually did it earlier in the year long before any stay at home orders. at the bottom of the calendar event under planned advancement I successfully entered the 2nd class requirement for the hike we completed. However, when I go to save it it says to enter a valid URL in the field Location Map URL, and it won’t save the event without it. I tried entering the map URL several ways but keep getting the same error. Anyone else had this problem and figure it out?

some times a space at beginning messes up that URL field - check that

Just tried that, and still the same error.

try just using www.yahoo.com or something

does the current URL have a ? in it?

there is no ? in the URL

Highlight the entire URL field box and hit the delete key then try saving the event.

It won’t save with it blank

I tried yahoo, google, google maps, no luck so far

I would just try opening a new window and copy paste everything over. And it will save with it blank I do it all the time

What browser are you using?

We have been trying to isolate this for users but cannot reproduce it - I can setup a screenshare to see if I see anything if you want to try

Ok I just created a new event from scratch as you suggested and it worked without needing a location URL. I’m on google chrome. Thank you so much for your help

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