Calendar - All Day Event

Request that the calendar support an “all day” event. I’m sure there could be many uses for this feature. The biggest one that I would like to use it for is events that haven’t been given a time yet. For example, we know that the Blue & Gold will be on 29 Feb, but we don’t know the times for it. I’d like to be able to put it on the calendar as a placeholder. The same holds true for Scouting for Food, PowWow, Univeristy of Scouting, Pinewood Derby… this is just a small selection. Some of these events are actually planned by others, and some are dependant upon the venue’s availability.

It does already. If you enter an event with a start and end time of 12:00am it will create an “all day, free” event with no time associated with it. If you create an event with a start time of 12:00am and an end time of 11:55pm, it will create an “all day, busy” event.

Be careful with that. SB and personal devices don’t treat the 12:00 hour consistently between am and pm.

@SteveCagigas Thanks for the recommendation.

@jacobfetzer Thanks for the heads up on how it may be handled.

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