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Calendar does not load (...loading)

Based on your forum, it appears this problem tends to be very problematic and your team should not be quick to indicate it is fixed.

Basically, when attempting to open the calendar (through upcoming events or my calendar), I get the neverending “…loading”. I can replicate this on Edge, IE, and Firefox. It works correctly on Chrome. I have looked at popup blockers, security blocks, “do not track” settings, and have cleared out cookies and cache. None seems to help.

I am getting a lot of complaints from my parents on using the calendar.

If your developer would like to contact me directly, I be happy to help debug this issue.

This is preventing us from using the calendar effectively.


Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the details of your issue including your unit and council. You will receive a few automated replies back, one of which will have an SSD- number in the subject. Post this SSD- number here so we can get the developers to look at the issue. This sounds to me like a calendar corruption issue in the DB. We need the developers to look at your specific case because the calendar is working properly for us, thus we can’t reproduce the problem.

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