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Calendar is Broken

For the last week, whenever I try to view the calendar in Scoutbook, it will not load. I click on My Dashboard and it either just reloads that page or it loads up to where I can click on Events but there is no My Calendar. This is REALLY frustrating since I am the Scoutbook Admin.

I also noticed that we are unable to click on email RSVPs and have them load. What is going on??

@ValerieWhiteaker - are you using Internet Explorer by any chance ? If so please use chrome, firefox, seaMonkey or any other browser and post the results.

I’ve experienced this type of problem with the calendar for several years. I have posted and inquired about this and told its in Beta and will get fixed. The solution below is to use a different browser. It seems that is a go to answer from the techies when an internet based application doesn’t work. Must be the browser. Some say need to use Explorer others say use something other than Explorer. To me that is not an acceptable answer. We need the application to work on whatever browser platform we use.

Please consider that BSA has no control over what updates and changes a browser developer may push to their product. These updates and changes quite often have an adverse reaction, and so it is recommended to try a different browser. And yes there are different reactions and recommendations for different BSA software and browsers. For Scoutbook Chrome and Firefox seem to work well consistently. IE not so much. Other BSA programs do work better with Edge and IE.

The developers are working on it

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