Calendar Edits

The Calendar should allow edits of invitees even if those invitees are no longer in the unit. Is there a way to do this?

An event is created in the calendar and members of the unit are included as invitees.
After event, when updating attendance, it is noticed that some invitees are no longer in the unit (and were not at the time of the event).
Membership for inactive members is updated to show membership ending.
When editing the calendar, those invitees no longer show up on the list of invitees for the purposes of REMOVING them as invitees.
However, these inactive invitees are still invited, so the attendance number is skewed.
(Yes, I realize that the invitee list should have been reviewed earlier, prior to the event, but this situation still exists.)

I could not find a way to “uninvite” the inactive members once their membership was ended. In order to make attendance for the event meaningful/correct, I would have to remove the membership end date, “uninvite” the inactive members, then re-add the membership end date.

Am I incorrect in this? Please let me know if there is a better way to “uninvite”. If not, I propose that Scoutbook be changed to allow edit of the invitee list regardless of membership status.

Edit the event. Open the invitees, and click clear. That will get rid of all current invitees, including those who have had their membership ended. Then when you go back in and click select all (for each category that you want), it will only include the current members.

I’ve actually had it work (in the past, anyway) where I just opened the invitee list, tabbed through each class of invitees (leaders, scouts, parents) and clicked save. That purged the “leftovers” who were no longer in the unit.

You can also use the Feature Assistant Extension to do this more systematically. I have a post that describes the process that worked for me here.

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