Viable Alternative for Sending Invites?

OK, this new calendar is exceptionally awful. It doesn’t have an RSVP link. It doesn’t even SHOW the event in the header. The reminders are all jacked up. I’m going to recommend our Troop not use the calendar for anything more than a message board for people to go to to see what’s going on. With that said, other than like Sign-Up Genius, anyone have a event platform that is good for RSVPs?

I just confirmed this still works. At least for me and my unit. What isn’t working for you? We have an event that is today, yesterday we got an email that said to RSVP, I just clicked the link again to confirm, and it took me to the event to RSVP. Are you sure you aren’t getting RSVP? Did you check the box saying RSVP is required?

I’ve been reading through some posts with the same problem. The “ASAP” option doesn’t RSVP, which is crazy, and that is what I used. This is one of many woes with this format. Going to something different.

I guess I wanted to confirm what you said wasn’t true. So, so the RSVP link on ASAP messages is broken, it does have an RSVP link. I just didn’t want to confuse anyone else, since I was. We rarely use ASAP since we set our calendar in the spring for the next year and load in all of the reminder / RSVP emails as we want to know sooner than the day of.

The “Send Now” issue is a known issue that’s being worked on, as has been noted in most, if not all, of the threads that have been specific about the issue being with “Send Now”. I’m not a giant fan of the new calendar system myself, but all product roll-outs have some issues, particularly so when it involves a wholesale replacement of the front- and back-ends.

I’m not saying stay with the SB+IA calendar if you think going to another format is better for your unit. Do what you think best serves your scouts, within the limits of the BSA rules & regs. It just comes across more as venting and less as identifying bugs that need fixing when “it’s all bad” is the effective content of the posts.

Venting can be good, and I’ve been known to do it on here from time-to-time. :^) I expect that it’s frustrating for all of the users who are encountering this problem, just as it is for me. However, when we as users generate reports that suggest a particular problem is more widespread (e.g. no event name in the subject line or RSVP links in all reminder messages, not just “Send Now” messages), time that could be spent addressing other problems gets redirected trying to identify a problem that is, with enough data, readily identified as an already known issue.

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I’m venting because issues like the Send Now problem is not a “bug.” It’s a downright flaw, and there are many flaws that should have been caught BEFORE a rollout. I will elaborate the many flaws if I need, but so many have already done this. The problem is, as a volunteer, now my job is harder because someone didn’t do their job that they were PAID to do. This new format is inferior to Scoutbook, period. Like I’ve said before, we, as in you and I and everyone that pays dues, should expect better from the BSA. It’s already hard enough to get people to help. Now I have to tell them to NOT use the Scouting calendar. How ridiculous is that?

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