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Calendar Event not showing for all in individual google calendars

An event in the Pack Calendar for Joining night is showing up in my personal google link to calendar, but verified as not showing up in two others’ google calendar link to same calendar. Other events are reflected in these same calendars. How can I ensure that all events are showing up in every person linked to that calendar?

Google Calendar can take up to twenty four hours to update. This is not a setting in ScoutBook, it is SOP for Google.

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The calendar entry was added in July. It shows up in my google calendar, but not for at least two others.

Are they getting other changes? I have seen people import the data and not sync to the calendar.

@KellyBurke - Rick may be on to something. If the imported the ics then it is a flat file of static dates and not a subscription to a dynamic calendar.

Also, I saw recently that there were some issues with Google calendar on Apple devices. Not sure if those were fully resolved already.

There is this:

I will check this. Thank you.

I am definitely checking in to this…thank you

I am checking in to this possibility. Thank You.

The calendar is there and the other entries appear to be there, just not this one. Checking to see if they imported a flat file instead of sync to calendar. One device was not an Apple Device, not sure about the other one yet.

At least one device is not an Apple. Checking on the other one.

I’ve seen the ics paths get corrupted before. I’d have them check that it still says what yours does.

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