Synced Events Do not Update

I have everything synced to my Google Calendar. When I edit the time of the event or other details in Internet Advancement, it does not update in Google Calendar. I don’t know if this is all events or only events imported from Scoutbook. It has been a week since the edit.


How did you import to Google Calendar?

The copy URL link and then sync by URL just like with Scoutbook. Even if I delete it out and add it back in, it still shows old info.

Are you saying new events show up but updates to existing events don’t?

@DustinTate - i had deleted a series of committee meetings (an unintended consequence of editing the series in IA) I added them back in scoutbook and the troop website ia calendar insert shows them back after the usual 24 hour g-cal sync time.

If you are using Google Calendar App, a troubleshooting guide is here:

IA Calendar doesn’t “import” SB events. It simply reads them from the database. Both tools create events in the same database. That way you can use either tool to read or edit them.

I had no problem with Scoutbook sync doing it the exact same way I’m doing it now with IA.

Do you think I have to delete the events and make new ones?

You shouldn’t We are testing to see if there is some kind of issue with IA. Unfortunately Google only refreshes updates every 24 hours so it may take a day before we know if there is an issue

@DustinTate I left you a message. Click on your icon and then the envelope.


Depending upon when you created the subscription, you may need to redo it. There was an issue with the original subscription URLs that prevented iOS devices from using it so the URLs had to be updated. If you created your subscription before this change, that could be part of the issue.

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I also noticed this issue and came here to see if anyone else had.

IA Calendar is syncing on the google calendar because a newly created event has shown up after the “24hr sync” period. But a modified event (2-5PM moved to 5:30-7:30PM) has not had any of the changes reflected.

Associated Scoutbook calendar subscription has updated the event successfully.

Based on the last reply I also checked the subscription URL and it is the same as the currently displayed on in IA.

We decided not to wait and reported this to the programmers to investigate.

This may be a common google calendar problem. See these Google support threads:

I didn’t have any problems with Scoutbook calendar.

@WilliamNelson - not certain it is a g-cal issue as the scoutbook url does update which the IA url does not. I did an update to an event yesterday that has not hit the g-cal IA subscription but did hit the SB g-cal subscription.

@Stephen_Hornak open the ICS file as text and see if the change is there

I am also seeing the scoutbook url update. And I am pretty sure the IA url is updating because my newly added event came through, just no changes to an edited event.

@DonovanMcNeil - the update is there

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