Calendar Event -> Planned Advancement -> Add Shooting Sports Award to Cub Scout ranks

I was in the process of adding to the section for “Planned Advancement” for our Bear and Webelos Resident Camp calendar event and noticed that the Shooting Sports awards are not within the list to choose from in the Manage Advancement menu. Please add these shooting sports awards for each cub-scout rank awards section. Thank you!

@TimothyFry you do understand that the Planned Advancement does little to nothing?? We can add it to the backlist, we have no idea when or if BSA IT will work on it

If it does little to nothing, then what were the business requirements for it to be added to Scoutbook in the first place and why is the feature customer facing? (Sorry, I’m a IT Business Analyst)

I could foresee the utility of using such functionality, as it could be valuable for Councils and Districts (and any other event host) to easily communicate what advancement/award items will be available to be worked upon during the event.

Well users can see it on Calendar events IF they look. For Ranks, and merit badges (well really any thing); if the Scout is invited to the Event, when they look at their (example) Bear Rank, they would see that Requirement #2 will be worked 9/1/23 at the meeting.

This is a left over feature from before BSA Acquired it

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You could put the specifics in the “Event Description / Invitation Message”.

This scout year, we have made a conscious effort to make Scoutbook the centralized source of information for our Pack (as it is recommended by BSA in the Admin Training Video for Scoutbook) and therefore we are attempting to utilize as many of the features within the app that we can.

Yes, that is a manual and time-consuming work-around to the process for the end-user, which would also introduce non-standardized data.

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