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Event setup with calendar

I’m trying to add planned advancement to an event. It lets me add one rank with no issue, once I try to add a second rank I’m stuck with a loading icon and need to reload the page. Just FYI.

Planned advancement for Cub Scouts has never been updated for the 2016 program changes. In addition it does not work they way people expect. The only time the planned advancement displays is when editing the event. It does not display when viewing the event. Because of this you are better off just posting what will be worked on in the event description so everyone can see it.

I accidentally added a training requirement and tried to remove it and it would not let me. any idea how i can remove something i may have accidentally clicked on.


Edit the calendar event, click Manage Advancement then click the entry that was made in error to clear it or click Clear in the Manage Advancement window to clear all planned advancement.

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Thank you @edavignon

Is this something that is in the works? Adding advancement before the event, then adding participants that were at the event, and having those automatically sync?

There are no plans to have the calendar automatically update advancement records. There are too many cases where Scouts arrive late, leave early or otherwise do not complete the planned advancement for there to be an automated link.

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That makes sense; are there plans to update the requirements to the newest versions?

Not until the calendar goes through a major overhaul. Fixing planned advancement is on the requested feature list. At this time we do not have a final feature list or schedule.

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