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BUG - Planned Advancement on event for Cub Scouts

I have encountered an issue using the Planned Advancement feature when creating events for my Webelos den. From what I can tell, it affects all Cub Scout ranks.

When I first click the button and choose rank and adventure (ex. Webelos/AoL Adventures > Outdoor Adventurer), it adds that adventure will all the current requirements to the event.

After that, though, if I want to refine the requirements to just those being done at the event or as a home assignment, the requirements shown do not match what I just added.

It seems that when it is first added, it is using current requirements, but when going to refine them, it is displaying old requirements for the particular adventure.

To fix this bug, current requirements should be shown once you drill down to the particular requirements of a given adventure.

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are you talking about the “If your Chartered…” - I think that is a note in the book - but I am researching it

Not exactly. In this example, I’m saying when I first add the adventure, it adds all the 2016 requirements. If I want to drill down on the event and just choose specific requirements from that adventure after it has been added (instead of all the requirements), the options I am presented to choose from are the 2015 requirements. They don’t match up.

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yes I see it and just reported it - thanks - also you know only Den Admins see the Planned Advancements - scouts/parents can see them if they are looking at the requirement it self - there will be an hourglass (I think) that says the date it will be worked on. Also, these do not auto complete with attendance

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Yes, I am aware, but thanks for the reiteration for anyone else reading this post.

This came up when I held a Den Leader workshop for all my den leaders last night and was going over event planning.

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Tiger Den Leader here (Den Admin, Pack Admin on Scoutbook). Same problems…the Adventure requirements don’t correlate to current requirements. They are one generation behind.

If the original poster is getting this as a Webelos Leader, and I’m getting it as a Tiger Leader, I’d suggest you probably need to presume that every rank has this glitch.

Thanks for handling this quickly so we can load our Den calendar information efficiently at the start of the program year.

@ThomasFellrath please be specific of the error so it can be reported - thanks

Creating/editing an event, choosing the Planned Advancement—>Manage Advancement option.

Looking up “Tiger Adventures”…the adventures do not reflect their current iterations.

Example: The current BSA “Tiger Den Leader Guide” (and current BSA Tiger Handbook) uses the terminology “My Tiger Jungle” for the required adventure. In “Manage Advancement”, Scoutbook refers to the same adventure as “Backyard Jungle”.

Continuing on, I see that “My Tiger Jungle” has 5 requirements. In order, they are (verbatim from the Leader Guide):

  1. With your parent, guardian or other caring adult, go for a walk outside and pick out two or more sights and sounds of “nature” around you. Discuss with your partner or den.
  2. Take a 1-foot hike. Make a list of the living things you fun on your 1-foot hike. Discuss these plants or animals with your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, or with your den.
  3. Point out two different kinds of birds that live in your area. With your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, or with your den, find out more about one of these birds.
  4. Be helpful to nature by planing a plant, shrub, or tree. Learn more about the needs and growth of the item you have planted.
  5. Build and hang a birdhouse.

Once I click on “Backyard Jungle” (knowing it is the wrong name, but bear with me), I get 5 requirements. In order, they are (verbatim from Scoutbook):

  1. Take a 1-foot hike. Make a list of the living things you find on your 1-foot hike.
  2. Point out two different kinds of birds that live in your area.
  3. Be helpful to plants and animals by planting a tree or other plant in your neighborhood.
  4. Build and hang a birdhouse.
  5. With an adult partner, go on a walk, and pick out two sounds you hear in your “jungle”.

As you can see, BSA not only renamed the adventure but also reshuffled the requirements (Birdhouses once were requirement Backyard Jungle #4, now are My Tiger Jungle #5). Plus, they substantially rewrote the requirements.

This example is but a single adventure for a single rank. This problem exists across the spectrum of Tiger adventures, and I will presume this also holds true for every Cub Scout rank. It certainly is worth checking.

This inconsistency renders the “Manage Advancement” option useless until the requirements displayed reflect the same content, and order of requirements, in the Handbooks and Leader Guides.

I hope that better explains the problems I have encountered. I look forward to being able to use the “Manage Advancement” option in the future.

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Great explanation @ThomasFellrath. This has been my experience as well. I was using a Webelos adventure as my example, but I’ve checked all the ranks and it seems to be all of them.

looking further this seems to be all or most adventures - I have changed the programmers story to fix them all

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Much appreciated @DonovanMcNeil.

Glad to be of assistance. Does changing the programmers’ story mean that it’s been fixed? If not, what is a reasonable window to expect a fix?

no idea on time line - it just means it is in the queue

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