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Calendar Events enhancement

The following announcement was made on Scoutbook:
An enhancement will be made to the Scoutbook.com Calendar Events functionality.
Effective October 31st, creating and viewing an event will display date and time based on the device settings. A one-time conversion will run to update previously created event times to the Time Zone based on your unit ZIP Code.

We are located overseas in Asia, and were surprised to see our entire calendar had shifted dates with this enhancement.
We had to use an APO zipcode because previous versions of Scoutbook would not accept a foreign zip code. Now that the Scoutbook calendar is based on our unit ZIP code, where can we change our ZIP code to our actual location and hopefully repair the calendar?

You will need to send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your council and unit number and a description of the issue.

Thank you. I’ve sent a message off. I’m sure there are many overseas units that are experiencing this, and I hope we can get a solution soon.

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