Scoutbook event/calendar - time/timezone glitch

There still appears to be a glitch for creating events regarding the time/timezone glitch in Scouting App & auto-generated emails.

*I keep trying different timezones, it does not fix the problem across the board.

**Can someone at BSA please make a timezone for Dubai, UAE???

When creating an event in Scoutbook (using SB website, via laptop/computer via Chrome Google), and then when email reminder goes out, plus - when viewing event in Scouting App, the times are different (app and email shows one hour ahead of what was set from using the website…and when double-checking settings for event, looking back in SB website - it still shows correct time, in correct timezone).

{additional side thought/suggestion - maybe also add a feature in Scouting App to adjust timezone for events for every user - this is esp good for us Troops outside the USA, who often travel to different timezones.}

The first thing I would do is check under edit pack/troop if the correct timezone is set. That only impacts what timezone the email reminders for the unit are set to.

When creating an event or viewing an event, it converts everything to the timezone of the device settings that is I believe the app is the same.

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