Calendar Still Showing Events From Former Unit

I’ve got a parent that is still seeing upcoming events on SB from their son’s former unit. He crossed over from the Pack in February. I checked his memberships, and everything has an end date. I searched the forums, but didn’t find anything similar.

Scoutbook does not automatically remove people from events at this time. We are expecting that it will in the future.

@CharlesSemple I suspect that the parent (or parents) of the Scout have a hanging parent position with the pack. If you could provide the Scout’s BSA member ID number, we can take a look.

(No names, please)

This makes a ton of sense. I know the other unit’s committee chair fairly well. I’ll bring it up to him.
Thanks for both of your responses!

@CharlesSemple Something you could try is have a Troop Admin:

  1. Go to the [Scout]'s Connections page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on a parent’s name.
  3. Click “Update” to save.

That should reset the parent’s connection to the Scout in Scoutbook. Repeat the steps for the other parent(s).

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