Calendar/Events Missing from Den Leader Experience and IA

I set up my calendar in DLE back in September and have had no issues until today when I tried to print out the meeting agenda for my den meeting and my whole calendar was gone! No upcoming events at all.

I don’t see any of the events in IA either, but I do see them in Scoutbook

login is

I saw another post today about this issue, maybe they are related?

Also want to add that I don’t think I’m expired


Your unit’s charter expired 12/31/23 and is marked as On Hold. DLE does not respect the 60 day grace period after charters expire. Your data will reappear in DLE 24 hours after the charter is posted by your Council.


A fix has been applied to DLE. Please retest and let us know.

Amazing! Just logged in and see everything again.

Thanks for the quick fix and not leaving me in a lurch for my next den meeting!

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