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DLE Meetings Missing

All of my DLE created meetings are gone from the Scoutbook events calendar. If I login to DLE, they show in a list, but when I tap on one it says: Whoops! calendar event not found for the given calendarEventId - CalendarEventId: 2338557 (C404).

If go to the calendar on scoutbook, with your den calendar displayed, do you see “hide DLE events” or “show DLE events”?

It says Hide, but I have toggled it back and forth to see if they showed.

Ok, I figured it was worth a try. The developers have been alerted.

Thank you for trying Jacob

Alex, we recently cleared meetings from tables where the user deleted them or partially deleted them. This allows the user to “retry” the setup process. Be mindful that it is a permanent action.

It was setup just how it needed to be. “Retrying” the setup process is going to fill the calendar with unneeded meetings in an arrangement that makes no sense to a den schedule. I’ll plug them all in again on the regular event calendar. Thanks for the reply.

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