Den leader experience calendar issue

I logged out of DLE and when logging back in, my den was shown as not configured. I lost my current schedule (I’ll reconfigure). Just want to share the bug.

I enjoy using DLE. I think it’s a useful tool and appreciate what you’ve done. It’s not perfect, but nothing is.

Almost sounds like a Recharter issue.


Your position in Scoutbook says Den Leader but you have never been registered as a Den Leader. Your Assistant Den Leader position expired on 12/31/23 and your recharter says it is on hold.

I suspect DLE is not working properly for you because you are not registered as a Den Leader and your recharter has not been processed.

Speak with your Committee Chair to find out when the recharter is expected to be processed and to have your registration changed to Den Leader if that is your correct position.

That’s odd. I’m the registered DL for the last 3 years and the registered ASM for our pack. I didn’t even think to check that. That would explain why I was getting a “not authorized” warning when trying to re-configure the den schedule. I’ll look in to it further on my end. Thanks for the heads up.


It does not matter what Scoutbook says, that is not the official roster. Here are your registered positions according to the BSA:

Scoutbook positions do not mean much at all - look at and your position history

I just spoke with my CC. The entire pack leadership is showing expired. They may be in the process of rechartering at the council. I’ll check back again to see if the DLE is fixed after recharter is complete. Thank you for your help gentlemen.

I am having the exact same issue today. I just checked the trained leader report for my Pack and is still shows me as the Den Leader. Not sure what is going on but DLE shows as not configured whereas it was for yesterday and my future meetings are still showing up in scoutbook currently.

Are the events still on the Scoutbook calendar?

Yeah, just checked they sure are.

good - then it might just be an access issue

I closed and re-Opened it and got this error, not sure if it has something to do with it:

But even after logging in correctly the events dont populate

It appears DLE is not respecting the registration grace period. The workaround until your recharters processed is to use Scoutbook to record progress.

OK, after recharter is complete are we expecting our schedules/setup to repopulate?

We expect DLE to work as before 24 hours after your recharter is posted. The issue has to do with permissions, not data.

@DanWhite1, @JacobCollins2

A fix has been applied to DLE. Please check again and let us know.

Thank you for following up. My DLE is showing the correct schedule now.

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