DLE den meets just disappeared

I use DLE for two dens. Love it.

However, today, all my den meets for both dens disappeared… They’re just gone… Tips? Advice? Glitch? I still see then in scoutbook dashboard and thus on my calendar. But I cannot access them to see info about meeting, prep, activities etc… HELP!

This is already reported - seems to be a recharter issue - Tip is do not rely on Tech for everything cause bugs hit.


Your unit’s recharter for 2024 has posted so we expected DLE to work. I have reported this. Try again tomorrow in case the recharter was just posted today as I can’t see the date it was posted, only that it was.

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Any idea if the events are anticipated to disappear from calendars? That is how our den members know of meets…

Yes, I depend on tech to be most efficient. Alternative is to google the leader book to find the info I need I suppose. However, last I checked, the den leader guide do not show step-by-step what activities to do, I could be wrong.


The events will not be removed from your calendar.

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@edavignon excellent, thank you, I will check back tomorrow.

I’m having the same issue as well. Does it need to be reported for each instance, or is it a global issue?


It is Global issue that is being worked on


@ChristopherSchuler, @KeriThatcher

A fix for this issue has been released. Can you please try again and let us know if you see your dens?

All meets are back, both on desktop and mobile DLE. Thank you!

Yes, all set for me as well. Thanks!

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