Scoutbook Calendar not showing pack events to scouts/parents without rank

I am a den admin as well as a pack admin and when adding pack events to the calendar in scoutbook, it excludes all scouts and parents in the invite whose scouts do not have a rank. For example, Pack Meeting event created. My son who has a rank shows up in the in the pack meeting list of invites, it shows up on his scouting calendar. However a new member of our Den who joined over the summer, gets the invites to the Den meetings, does not get the invites to the same pack meeting/event. I confirmed this with the scouts parent just this weekend and I saw the same behavior for me prior to my son obtaining his first cub scout rank. This forces our pack leadership to have to create multiple calendar events for each den for the same event.

Perhaps we have a configuration issue. Perhaps we are doing something incorrectly. Please advise as this “bug” is resulting in parents not getting notification of events we have planned for our scouts.

Scouts who join after the event was created so not get automatically added. If you edit the existing event and click invitees, do they appear on the list of scouts without a check mark? Can you click select all to add them?

@NathanaelThompson - I can say for a fact that when i add a pack event, ALL scouts regardless of rank are able to be added as invited. My suspicion is that the events were added before these scouts were on the roster and the events were never edited to add them. No bug just operational issue.

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Assuming @Stephen_Hornak and I are right about what’s going on, I will agree that that’s not optimal behavior. We have asked the developers for a way to invite the entire (sub)unit to events dynamically such that new members are automatically added, and old members automatically drop off. We do not know when that change will happen.

Its looks like @jacobfetzer you are correct in your hunch. I could have swore that it didn’t work the last time I tried to make an a Pack event, but it seems to be working now (in that it now include the entirety of the scouts/parents/leaders.)

I guess as we start getting closer to the events coming up, I’ll just check the event invites to see if there are any new scouts or parents that are not checked. Obviously not ideal, but far better to know and update as needed.

Thank you for your help!

The Feature Assistant Extension has a tool that helps semi-automate adding everyone to the events.

There are instructions for installing the extension (only available for Chrome or Firefox) here:

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