Calendar feature request

The only available meeting frequencies are weekly or biweekly. Our Den regular den meetings are going to be on the first and third weeks of each month. It would be nice to have that kind of option when initializing the Den, too.

@BenjaminHeavner - this needs repeating, please do not use the DLE… you are far better off in, you will make you fellow leader’s lives that much easier.

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Roger that - I hear you @Stephen_Hornak , and will do.

However, I hope it’s still useful to the software team if we submit feature requests for the beta software that’s under development? I do think the DLE can be good/useful as it matures, even if I’ll follow your advice and not use it for setting up our Den calendar for this program year!

@BenjaminHeavner this is one of the many items listed in the back log for the DLE app. We are uncertain as to when the developers will work on these items, but the suggestion has been shared.


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