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Den Leader Experience - please provide help ASAP

The Den Leader Experience was/is NOT ready for prime time. I used this app at the beginning of the program year and now I am very sorry I did. I cannot fix the dates, either in DL or Scoutbook. If you enter through Scoutbook, all dates transferred from the DLE to Scoutbook are now stuck in the Scoutbook Calendar Beta version and cannot be edited. I don’t find the ability to move all the dates into the past as been suggested elsewhere on this forum.

Tools are supposed to make out lives easier not harder. We Scout leaders are a rare breed donating untold hours to this wonderful program and need to have real tools that help us manage our time, communication and efforts. DLE Beta was not really at the Beta stage in my opinion. Way too many quirks and bugs and with its interface with Scoutbook so unidirectional, it has actually reduced functionality that we had with the original Scoutbook app. Not what we needed.

Please provide a fix for us to delete all the auto-scheduled dates that we unknowingly transferred to Scoutbook and allow us to regain control over a non-Beta Scoutbook calendar functionality.

Very frustrated.

Best / easiest option - make a new blank den and move all scouts over - you will lose your calendar ics but you can share the new one with families. There is a new feature coming very soon to Hide all DLE created events from view.

You will have to get all leaders new positions in the new den - ending the positions in the old den

Then after there are no adults leaders and no Scouts assigned to the old den, have a Pack Admin disapprove it from the Edit Den page.

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