Future Calendar dates greyed out

I am having an issue moving Calendars that I created as I ranked up my Den into next year (school year).

The Den Leader Experience doesn’t allow me to change the date beyond June 30th, as it is greyed out.

How do we get these dates unlocked?

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@MichaelNicketta1 not sure I understand. Did you make the dates before you advanced your den or after you advanced your den?

It would have been after, as I had to create a new Den which I transferred the scouts to. long story…

But when I try to move an existing event, the latest that I can set it is 6/30, and I’m trying to move them to begin in August/September

Well that would not work I do not think - you would be taking something from one den to another it sounds like. If you just advance the Den in SB, then it might work. 6/30 is the BSA National official last day of the Scout Year I believe.

That 6/30 being the last day of the scout year makes sense, but why does the calendar restrict me from adding the meetings which are for the Den after the Rank up?

maybe a screenshare so I can better understand

Happy to, thank you. Let me set up a meeting and send you the link

LOL this does get down to my #1 rule for DLE - Do Not Use It

I will send you a private message

Look for Green dot in top right avatar - Green M Circle

DLE… Do leave expediently

Is this to finish up the 21-22 year or start the 22-23 year?

This is for the 2022-23 school year.

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The SUAC is discussing this with the developers. We suspect DLE is programmed to only support a single program year and that on June 1, the next year will be enabled.

@MichaelNicketta1 It is just like I figured and it is a hard end to the scouting year - 7/1 they should become editable

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