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Calendar / Gmail sync issue


We have a Gmail calendar we have used for years which has all of our dates and events in it. And, all our parents and Scouts sync their personal calendars to this Gmail calendar.

We recently started to do a long process switch to Scoutbook full use, including the calendar. I have all the dates entered in Scoutbook. I understand that our Gmail calendar will not import into the Scoutbook calendar; correct?

I synced the Gmail calendar from the Scoutbook calendar using the subscribe button. It works and will show in my Gmail calendar any entries I have in Scoutbook. But… when I add new events in Scoutbook it does not automatically sync to the Gmail calendar. I have to redo the subscribe process.

The intent her was to slowly wean everyone to Scoutbook by allowing them to use the Gmail calendar, but I don’t want to enter data twice so I wanted to add events in Scoutbook -> Scoutbook syncs to Gmail calendar -> Gmail syncs to parents/scouts personal calendars.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

@JeremyCnudde - the sync is once every 24 hours when you subscribe to an external calendar in g-cal via the ICS link.

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