Only Half of Events in Calendar are Syncing with Google Calendar

Wondering if there is a fix for syncing calendar events. I have subscribed to sync, but only half of the events in my pack have synced with my Google Calendar.

Google is kinda twitchy. Sometimes, it takes quite a while before my Google calendar updates to reflect the changes made in Scoutbook. The erratic lag seems to be unique to Google. however, since my Outlook calendar updates relatively consistently. I’ve seen similar concerns before, and they mostly seem to be related to the Google calendar “pull”, rather than Scoutbook “push” of events.

Thank you! I will give it some time then. I was worried becasue I want my parents to feel comfortable syncing and when I am not even 100%, I can’t expect them to.

Dumb question… Do you have multiple calendars for your Pack and Dens? If you do, you need to make sure that you are syncing all of the calendars, not just the Pack calendar, to see all of the events.

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We do have multiple, but I have only updated one. Wanting to make sure everything syncs before I make up multiple calendars. Thanks for the thought, though.

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