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Sync Scoutbook calendar with Google calendar

I have gone through all the steps to sync the troop calendar to my Google calendar (many times), but the troop calendar still won’t show up on personal calendar. I clicked subscribe on the troop calendar page and copied and pasted the Calendar Feed URL into Google Calendar settings. The calendar shows up in My calendars selection on Google, but no events are showing up. I do have the box checked to show events. All the settings look the same as other calendars that have been successfully synced.

Any other tips?

Might want to give it overnight. Google does not sync calendars continuously.

I’ve given it many overnights, still no change.

I’ve deleted and retried many times, still no change.

@MelindaDavis - I just went through the process of adding the troop calendar following these steps and it shows immediately.

On a pc, log into google calendar
Click plus on other calendars
select subscribe
then from url
paste url into box
then click add calendar.

Hello. I am trying to add my Pack’s Calendar to my personal gmail calendar. I followed the instructions up to the add url. On Scoutbook where do I find the export url?

@GaryKieffer - go to your unit page then calendar once there there should URLs listed.

Yes, I’ve done that numerous times and it still doesn’t show up. I have other calendars that I’ve had no problem getting to show up.

It makes me wonder if there is a setting on the Troop’s side that is preventing it from showing up on my personal calendar, but there is no response on that end.

There is no setting that the Unit can set to disable the calendar.

Click on the Subscribe link to reveal the .ics url.

Then I’m at a loss as to why our calendar doesn’t work for me. I guess I’ll go to Google next.

@MelindaDavis - I doubt it is a Google issue as the process has worked for me multiple times. But I can certainly try to go through a screen share with you later today if you email after 9am.

Bear in mind that you have to log in with your SB credentials after adding the SB calendar to see anything…

Thanks Rick. This is the information I needed. THANKS for the arrow.

I’d like to make it go the other direction- syncing GCal with SB, So that all events already on our Troop’s GCal should appear on the SB calendar

Scoutbook does not support syncing into it’s calendar. The closest thing is the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook does do .csv imports.

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