Calendar has split my activities by scout

Not an issue per se, but annoying as all get out, IA 2.0 has split every activity prior to 2020 into individual scout events (e.g. multiple entries per day for the same event, one scout per entry). I haven’t tried to run reports yet but I assume they will work properly. Going back and editing though could be an issue (I believe I have to open every one to see which scout is assigned to that particular box).

I was pretty honked-off about this myself when it first happened, but I’ve been thinking about it a fair bit since then. I’m pretty sure that, prior to the IA2 logs, all activities were actually individual activities in the logs. Here’s what I think was going on:

Parents/connected scouts could go into the scout’s Scoutbook logs and add an event (hiking/camping/service) one-at-a-time. Leaders could do it this way or we could use quick entry. The quick entry just automated the process of going to each scout’s logs and creating an identical event. It wasn’t actually linking every scout to a single event.

Now there appear to be two processes. One allows the creation of individual events. These events only exist for that scout. The other process creates “unit” events, to which youth and adults can be connected. I suspect these are actually different programming entities, with the former residing as part of a list within the scouts’ individual account records, and the latter existing as a pointer to the “unit” event within a list of events associated with the unit. The log reports “count” both types of events to create the output we see.

ETA: Also important is that, at present, no log entries entered prior to the switchover are editable/deletable. That’s been requested, but is in an unpublished spot in the backlog.

Understand (and agree with) the last statement.

I understand “most” of what you’re saying with the rest. But my 2021 data is showing up as one event with multiple scouts (and this splitting is a change from a few weeks ago). [Still trying to work through the comment about two processes]

The only reason I can see to split the names off from one event is if you’re setting it up for an editing process we don’t currently have access to but they’re working towards. But I could edit 2020 and 2019 previously, so…

FWIW we don’t currently have scouts (or parents) entering their own information so that may be part of what I’m not quite catching on to here and is something I’m looking into for our Troop.