IA2 Bug: Activities Log Not Showing All Entries

Hello All,
I’m seeing either bugs or a feature implementation issues in IA2’s updated Activity Log.

Bug: I’ve recorded multiple new service hours activities; however, those involving only 1 scout do not appear in the Activity log window. These events are being recorded, because I can see them if I navigate to the individual scout and view their service history. I’m seeing this across two different troops and across different scouts. The service entries were created by me (Unit Adv Chair) so they are not personal activities by each scout. And, the Activity Log page’s filter options have all items checked to display. Unit leaders should be able to see all activities from the “Activity Log” page. I can provide scout IDs if needed to illustrate.

Bug: From roster, select a scout, view a scout’s service hour history, select one of the events to display more information. The “Service Project Details” displays [object Object], [object Object]. The same bug displays on “Camping Details” and “Hiking Details”

Respectfully, Charles Collings

P.S. Presumably the re-designed Activity Log page was done to facilitate IA use on mobile phones. IMO the previous interface page provided more details of each event and did so in less space (i.e. less scrolling required in browser)

I’m not seeing the issue I think you’re talking about. I can see both “individual” and “group with only one participant” service activities on our troop’s activity logs page (IA2 → left side menu → Activity Logs). I’m a Key 3 Delegate, though, so maybe it’s a bug related to the UAC role?

If that’s not the path you’re using to get to the logs, can you specify how you’re getting there?

That is the correct path I’m taking to Activity Logs.
Here’s something else common across the entries not being shown - each missing entry spans more than a single day. One spans 3 days (in same month), the other spans almost two months but doesn’t appear in the log for either month.

Hrm…I know there’s an issue with events in the activity logs that span across a month boundary (e.g. 31 MAR - 2 APR). I believe SUAC stated that has been reported. I haven’t encountered the multiple day issue, though.

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