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Calendar Invitees

This might sound like a basic question. What exactly is the relationship between Invitees and visibility of a calendar event?

If I create an event on the calendar and don’t invite anyone to it, who can see it?
True/False: Parents see all events that their Scouts are invited to.
If the above statement is true, is there a need to invite parents to events? Can you just invite leaders and the Scouts? Inviting the parents (who aren’t necessarily needed for a den meeting) really skews participation percentages.

I’m sure I’ll have a few other questions, but I wanted to ask these as I continue to enter events on the calendar.

When you look at my dashboard > events, you’ll only see events to which you are invited (not those your child is invited). If you look at the unit or subunit page, you see all events for that unit or subunit whether you are invited or not. When you look at the monthly calendar view, you’ll see all events for the calendars you select from the gear menu.

@jacobfetzer Thank you. So, other than the Events section of the Dashboard, you will always see all of the events for the calendar you are looking at.

Follow-up question. Event reminders and RSVP. Will the parent receive email notifications for events that the Scout is invited to and they are not?

Yes, you receive the reminder emails for all events you or your children are invited to.

Thank you. So, the only time you really need to put parents on the invite list is if you actually want them there, and for RSVP purposes. I might tweak some of my event invites.

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