Visibility of Calendar events

From behavior in years past, I understood that if a calendar event did not have invitees, it would only be visible to admin users. Is this still the case? Is there a breakdown somewhere of who can view calendar events?

Specific Scenario:
Our Pack has a location available on specific dates that Dens can use for their meetings. Our Cubmaster (pack admin in Scoutbook) created events on Scoutbooks’s Pack Calendar to track the dates, but did not include invitees. However, these events are apparently visible to at least one Den Leader who is only a Den Admin in Scoutbook.

We do not want families to see these events, because their den may or may not be meeting on those specific dates.

Thank you to anyone that can help out!

I don’t believe this this the case. For holidays, we have never set invitees, but they show up. We just don’t have RSVPs or reminders for them.

I believe it doesn’t show up in the “Upcoming Events” list on the individual dashboards for anyone who isn’t invited, but it’s still visible if someone views the calendar on which it is listed directly.

You could, in principle, set up a dummy den whose calendar is used to track administrative stuff like that. All Unit Key 3 and Unit Admins (plus anyone you set as a den admin for that den) should be able to edit that calendar, but I think people would need to specifically turn the calendar on using the gear icon to see it. Most parents aren’t likely to do so.

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I know we ran into issues with families not “seeing” events when they weren’t on the Invitee list, but, thinking back, the complaint may have been more specifically related to reminders.

This is very helpful, thanks!

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