Scoutbook Troop Committee Calendar Reminders Only Going to Leader

It seems that Calendar Reminder Emails are only sent to a “select group” even though everyone is invited to the event. For example, in our Troop we invite all parents (whether or not they are leaders) to attend Troop Committee meetings. However, when I create a calendar appointment and designate it as a Committee Meeting, only the Troop Leaders receive the calendar announcement reminder email…even though I invited all adults (ie: leaders and parents).

Can this be fixed? I think calendar reminders should be sent to everyone who is invited to an event.

The above should be true for all types of events…not just Committee Meetings.

This is correct as per national policy as stated in the Troop Committee Guidebook. Now that being said there is nothing wrong with an interested parent wanting to sit and observe the goings on in a troop committee meeting.

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I haven’t noticed that only registered leaders get the reminder emails if I invite more than just the leaders. Is that a change in behavior you recently noticed, or is it longstanding? Also, was there a delay between when the event reminder was created and when all of the invitees were added?

Hard to test - but I just did one as a Committee meeting- added a Scout and the Scout got the email

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@KevinCatallo - you have made certain that the parents are also showing as invitees on that event ?

Yeah, I was thinking about doing the same thing @DonovanMcNeil, and inviting one of our non-adult leaders who’s been a helpful guinea pig for my past Scoutbook experiments. I was hoping that, with enough details, I might be able to test what was going on.

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Yes, before we go too far down the rabbit hole, let’s define the scenario. Do they appear as invitees but still don’t get the emails?

@jacobfetzer - agreed that should be checked first

That seems to be a change.

I don’t know if this is a factor, but our Troop Committee meetings are via Zoom…so there’s a link included.

Before someone asks, the answer is: Yes, I made sure the parents checked their spam folders.

Yes, for sure. I’m probably one of the most experienced Scoutbook users in our Troop. Also an administrator on the account. Very carefully checked before posting this note. Also made sure our parents checked their spam folders.

Often, this is the way parents show interest in volunteer involvement in our Troop…by attending TC meetings.

Email notifications for our pack events are not working as expected either. This is a very important feature and the Scoutbook team should work to ensure it works in a simple manner.

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So, it seems you are saying the common denominator is the non-registered parents don’t receive the reminder email?

OK. I am seeing the same behavior. I’ll get this reported.

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I am a registered parents and dont get the initial event email or the reminders. I thought it may have been the SSO as I used the Sign In with Apple but I re-setup my account with a username and still have the same behavior. I checked the “receive notifications” preference and it was enabled.

You don’t receive any email reminders or just the committee meeting type? In my test, that was the only one that didn’t come through.

I did not create the event and I dont see the type on the calendar event. EventID=4425111 & EventID=4419274 if those helps.

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