Calendar made in error--really need admin to delete

A den leader went click happy and populated the calendar in DLE, a couple of weeks ago, without any adjustments. Our Pack doesn’t use the calendar (so no rehab is likely) and the entries are causing mass confusion due to reminder emails that are inaccurate.

I know we “cannot delete” events as to preserve integrity of the program once it blows out a schedule…but I really need a way (by my hand or an admin) to wipe the entire calendar.

Any way?

Great Smoky Mtn Council
Pack 22 / Sacred Heart
Bear Den

an admin or den admin can click Hide DLE in the Scoutbook Calendar is your best option

Thanks, Donovan.
Will that stop the auto-email reminders?

@DennisLaPointe yes it will

That was unexpectedly easy.
So…if I had dens that used the feature and one den went rogue in this way…how would I clean that up? (Asking as I’m sure it will happen sooner or later.)

if den admin does it it only hides their den I believe

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