Den Meeting calendar beyond repair

One of my den leaders was working with the meeting schedule and didn’t know that it was “drag and drop” — so she manually edited the dates. Then she realized that in the process she managed to create conflicts and made several meetings disappear from the list and cannot recover them.

The only solution she can find in the how-to files is to delete the den and start over. She is worried that doing so will mess up the main Scoutbook den structure or membership records.

Can she safely delete the DLE den and start over again with a clean meeting list (leaving the main Scoutbook den unchanged?)

I have a “Hide DLE Events” button in the bottom right of my calendar view:


I’m not sure if that would accomplish what she needs though. It might just hide them in Scoutbook and do nothing in DLE. Hopefully someone else will have a better answer than me!

If she wants to use the Den Leader Experience calendar, then you could have a Pack Admin create a new den, and move the Scouts and adult leaders to the new den.

I would then recommend going to each Scout’s Membership page and editing the old den’s Date Ended so that it’s the same as the Date Started.

You can then update each Scout’s current membership with the new den so that the Date Started is correct.

Make sure you check the box next to Position Approved, and then Update.

Sadly hiding them isn’t the answer. She wants to use the calendar function for scheduling and reminders but the calendar/meeting list is so garbled at this point that she can’t start over again. She wants to start from scratch as if this was a new den without disconnecting the scouts from our unit in the process

If a Pack Admin creates a new den, then uses the Reassign Scout button to move the Scouts to the new den, the Scouts will not be disconnected from the unit.

Thanks, makes sense.

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