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Calendar reminders sent out with original time, not updated time

I created an calendar event for 11am and set a reminder for 1 hours before the event. I then updated the time of the event to 9am a week before the event occured. The reminders were sent out at 8am (correct time), but the content had the original time of 11am. This caused a bunch of confusion and panic within the troop. The event is


What timezone are you in? Did the reminder list a timezone in it?

I’m in PST and don’t see a timezone option while scheduling the event nor in the email. Here is the email .

From: Scoutbook.com [mailto:scoutbook.donotreply@scouting.org]
Sent: Sunday, February 9, 2020 8:08 AM
To: removed
Subject: Reminder: RSVP for Scout Sunday

Calendar: Troop 193 B
Event: Scout Sunday
Where: Holy Trinity
When: Feb 9, 2020 11am-12pm

Wear Class A uniform

If you haven’t already, please RSVP for this event through Scoutbook

My Dashboard > Events > My Calendar

Unsubscribe from future mailings

It happened again with the reminders sent out for tonight’s meeting, so maybe it is a timezone problem. The confusing part is the reminders are sent at the requested time. It just the content in wrong.

Yes, the default TZ is Central time… 2 hours off of you. When looking at an event in scoutbook, it uses the TZ of your device. Hence, it knows when your meetings are, but it doesn’t know how to display them. Please send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org. Provide the UnitID from the URL when you are on your unit page and ask them to check that your timezone is properly set to PT. Also, when you get an automated email back, please post back here with the ticket number that begins with SSD in the subject.

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