Calendar Sub Unit

I’m wondering if there is a better way of selecting the sub units in a calendar.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start to create an event for the Tiger Den. The system automatically selects all 11 scouts in the Den and 15 adults (all the parents related to those scouts). Good not issue.
  2. Then select Den Meeting as an event type. This now adds 10 more adults (all the leaders in the pack regardless of positions). So by selecting Den Meeting (for the tiger den), the system added the treasurer and the committee members and the other Den leaders and the COR (it’s overkill). If you choose Deselect Leaders only, you remove the COR, committee members, and other Den leaders that aren’t related to a scout but any that are remain (leaving me with 19 adults).

Since there is no reason for those users to see the Tiger Den event, they have to be removed manually. While that is not a major feat of of complexity, it makes me wonder what will happen when a new leader is added to the Pack. My understanding, (if it has not yet been implemented) that new leaders would automatically be added to this event because they have the leader and/or parent tag instead of having any relation to the tiger den.

I don’t have a potential solution of this one, I’m just wondering if it should be looked at.

@TravisStephens there is a story for this - we do not know if/when BSA will work on it

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