IA Calendar Feature Request

Good Morning All! I’m excited to see that the migration to IA Calendar is finally happening! After reviewing the training material, I would like to share a couple of features that would be helpful for units, particularly Packs, to put them on the development backlog:

  1. For event member selection, it would be great if we could get a little more granularity in how to select members, ideally being able to not only have the youth/adult subdivision but also to break it down by den, and have the ability to select entire families (since by and large it’s all or nothing attending meetings or events for us). That way if we have Pack events that are geared towards a certain subset of our Dens (say Wolf & above for certain camps), we can easily and quickly invite those Dens without having to go alphabetically through the roster to select the right youth and adults.

  2. This may be a bigger lift, but it would be great if there could be an option to select for something like “add new members to the Den/Pack to this event going forward” - to automatically catch instances where the calendar is populated well in advance, and with the move to 365 recruiting new families join throughout the year and right now it’s… challenging for some of my Den Leaders especially to remember to go back and add new families

Thank you for your consideration!

Yours in Scouting,

Michael Raymond
Cub Scout Pack 706
Montpelier VA

Your request #2 is scheduled to be addressed in a future update.

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The current version of the calendar in Scoutbook Plus Internet Advancement allows you to invite specific sub units (dens for example)

@WilliamNelson, Thanks for sharing, I poked around a bit and found the “Sub Units” section; intuitively I was just looking at the “Selection Options” section as the lower sections were below my screen scroll, so as a suggestion not sure if it’s possible to combine or next them to put the selections all in one place, but that’s a minor thing now that I know that it’s there!

Thanks again,

Michael Raymond

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