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Hello! We’ve run into a problem and not sure how to correct it. Our Tiger Den Leader has used Scoutbook to add their Den events into the calendar. When we look at the events on Scoutbook, it’s showing all Scouts registered in our Pack as Invitees to the Tiger Den event, not just the Tiger Den. If I click on the Edit Event button on this screen, it only allows me to change the Location and Dates and states to use Scoutbook for Den Leaders to edit further. Looking at this screen at the Invitees, it’s only showing the Tiger Den and NOT the entire Pack. When I go into Scoutbook for Den Leaders, it allows me to look at the Tiger Den roster and that is correct. And if I go into the event, it’s only showing the Tiger Den as invitees but has an RSVP of 50 Scouts… The entire Pack is getting reminders right now in regards to the Tiger events even if they aren’t in the Tiger Den. How do we get this corrected to only have the Tiger Den as the Invitees and receiving the reminders?
What’s even stranger about all of this is that it’s only half of his events that are like this. Starting with his meetings in February 2024, they are correct with the Tiger Den as Invitees and an RSVP of those 6 Tiger Scouts.

Our pack is experiencing the same issue. Multiple parents have reported receiving email reminders this morning for every den’s meeting scheduled for this evening. All of the reminders came from meetings scheduled in the Den Leader Experience. We cannot effectively edit the reminders in either Scoutbook or the Den Leader Experience.

Matthew R. Huff
Committee Chairman
Cub Scout Pack 3079
Chicago, Illinois

As I’m looking more into it, that seems to be what’s happening with us too - using the Den Leader Experience instead of adding the meetings in individually. And from what I’m seeing, after using the Den Leader Experience to set the calendar, there isn’t a way to delete the calendar entries unless you move them to past dates or hide the events. Ugh… Scoutbook seems like it has great potential but just not quite there yet. It would be awesome if we could edit the events after using the DLE.

I would differentiate Scoutbook from DLE. I used Scoutbook very successfully as a DL and unit admin for years when my pack adopted it, long before the BSA purchased the platform. I continue to use it as an ASM/admin very successfully for our troop.

DLE has always seemed like a solution in search of a problem to me, and based on all of the reported issues I’ve seen since it was released, I continue to recommend against using it whenever given the platform to do so.

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Our recommendation is to NOT use Den Leader Experience (DLE).

As you said, you can move DLE events to the past or hide them all. Before DLE was release we requested the ability to edit events. The Cub Scout Program office did not want this capability and since they were the ones specifying function chose to leave it out. Despite multiple requests since the initial release, the Cub Scout Program office feels DLE is perfect as is and will not authorize changes.

This is just one of the reasons we recommend not using DLE.

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